Jason Moschetto grew up on the east coast, just outside Washington D.C. His first business venture arose at the age of 12, when he was given an opportunity to run the snack bar at his local pool. With a $200 loan from his parents, Jason purchased a microwave, some additional storage space, and frozen, microwaveable meals, expanding the business into a true mealtime destination for hundreds of patrons, and nearly tripling the business's profits. He hired and trained employees for the snack bar, and used his profits to start a second business providing lawn care and snow removal services thoughout his neighborhood.

Around the same time, Jason discovered his natural talent with computers, and was soon providing technical support to his neighbors, friends, and family, and quickly began to lend his talents to larger institutions, including an Internet Service Provider, and Montgomery County Public Schools. At the age of 17, he graduated High School and was recruited for a full-time position providing technical analysis for NOAA's National Ocean Service. After nearly two and a half years of federal service, he put his career on the sidelines to become the primary care giver for his terminally ill father, who he would eventually follow to Southern California.

Throughout his life, Jason has stood out as someone who cares deeply about the world, and the people in it. In elementary school, he served as a School Safety Patrol and BoyScout, and in high-school participated in a handful of mission trips, became a certified Lifeguard, and volunteered in a variety of community programs. Post-graduation, he served as a middle and high-school youth leader, and was elected as an Elder in his local church.

Upon moving to California, Jason continued providing technical services, eventually starting a not for profit organization known as New Again PC, which focused on waste reduction and ethical recycling programs. His Lifeguarding career rekindled when he accepted a leadership position with the City of Long Beach. Three years later, he developed his own private lifeguarding company, Choice Lifeguards, which provided event safety services to a variety of Hollywood celebrities and some of the Los Angeles area's most elite individuals.

In subsequent years, Jason returned to Federal Service, working for several agencies within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Meanwhile, he continued with his creative design talents in real estate, starting with a simple living room built-in detail which was adopted by one of the courntry's largest residential developers. His design was reportedly selected from 8 other options by nearly 90% of all future customers. Those talents only grew, and at 27 Jason designed and built a 2000 square foot multi-story residential addition to his own home, impressing local architects and neighbors with his beautiful, functional form. During this process, he mastered CAD software, and began offering architectural design services thoughout Los Angeles, most recently completing the design and build of a three story, multi-unit, hillside residential building overlooking the downtown LA skyline.

Currently, Jason's many talents are incorporated into a single business, National Safety Group, LLC, in order to unify his mission in protecting individuals and their assets through design, service, analysis, and the implementation of personnel, hardware, structure, and intelligent devices.

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